Kirby Minnick

Kirby is a 23-year-old Christian Social Media Influencer and Preacher/Speaker from Dallas, Texas. In May of 2019, she graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a major in Communications and minor in Biblical Studies and is using her gifts, talents, and education to preach the Gospel to all in many mediums and on many platforms. She is passionate about seeing individuals walk in the freedom and fullness that comes with life in Christ and grow in their intellect and intimacy with Him and His word. Kirby also has her own podcast called Bought + Beloved, and posts lifestyle, comedic, and Christian content on her Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter accounts.


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*Kirby’s podcast can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. New episodes go live every Wednesday and she focuses on answering audiences’ biblically based questions and providing encouraging and exegetical messages directly from the Word of God.