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Who doesn’t love a good makeover–and we have a BIG ONE coming this September!
It’s about to look TOTALLY different inside OWBS! When we launched in the fall of 2020 our world looked really different and what women needed then was different. God has given us a totally fresh vision for what we all need today:
If you want to be closer to God than you’ve ever been before while still being and doing all the things you know God’s called you to be and do, then friend, sign up below to be the first to hear when we open our doors back up for registration!


XO, Becky Kiser + OWBS Team

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Try these 5 Tips for 30 days & I promise that you’ll find more freedom!

You aren't alone--the majority of women really struggle with being consistent in God’s Word... and actually enjoy it even when they are consistent!

However, today that all changes for you because you will begin to have a healthy rhythm with Bible Study. Are you ready?

I know you’ve tried before, and you feel like you’ve “failed.” That’s in the past! You have my word that if you practice these 5 things over the next 30-days, you will have more freedom and intimacy with Jesus than you do right now!

You are worth this, and Jesus most certainly is. Knowing Him is the absolute best thing ever. And as you know Him and His Word better you will also know what His purpose for your life is! Let's get going!

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