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Do you struggle to spend time in God's Word?

Is it hard to make it to Bible Study with your busy schedule?


You are not alone, nor are you without options! We are here to help you.

NO MORE SHAME for feeling "too busy" for Bible Study.

Gone are the days of being irritated that groups rarely work for your life schedule.

Online Women's Bible Study works no matter how busy you are! 

You can do it on your lunch break, in the car line, waiting at appointments, while you work out, cook, do chores, or any other time that works for you! You can do multiple sessions at a time (who doesn't love a good binge session), or do one Bible Study session a week (like a typical Bible Study)--you get to choose!

You can do it on your own, or you can send this to friends and do it together--either way, you won’t miss out on Bible Study anymore!

YESβ€”I need this in my life!

Access to 100+ hours of Bible Study in your hand!


We have a brand new app for you to access all the series and sessions from your favorite Bible teachers from your phone or other device. This will make it super easy to make Bible Study a part of your busy life!


When you say yes to Online Women's Bible Study, you also say yes to: 


βœ“ Encouragement and Teaching from the BEST women teachers (see whose teaching below)!

βœ“ Filling YOUR cup! You are always pouring out for others. It's time to make your spiritual health a priority!

βœ“ Still showing up: This won't take you away from dinner, the kids, work, or anything else.

βœ“ A flexible option to do a Bible Study with friends! (You can absolutely do this with a group!!!)

βœ“ Prayer, support, connection and community in an unexpected online space. 

βœ“ Growing in your knowledge and application of God's Word!

βœ“ So many more things... we could go on and on, but just try it for FREE for a week to see!


Even if you’ve been able to make Bible Studies work in your schedule, Online Women's Bible Study is a fantastic supplement!! Where else can you get on-demand access to this caliber of female Bible teachers?!

I'm ready to say YES to all those things!!!

How you can still do Bible study even though you're super busy?

I need this! Sign me up!!!

Meet the Bible Study Teachers! 

Click their pictures to find out more.

Becky Kiser

Julia Tucker

Lauren Chandler

Jessica Penick

Jamie Ivey

Jill Briscoe

Jess Connolly

Toni Collier

Sharon Hodde Miller

Angie Smith

Cheryl Luke

Vivian Mabuni

Melissa Ice

Whitney Capps

Alexandra Hoover

Nona Jones

Kirby Kelly

Katie Orr

Brenda Thorn

Jenn Jett Barrett

Irene Rollins

Emma Mae McDaniel

Dorina Gilmore

Ashley Morgan Jackson

Becky Keife

Rachael Wade

Christine Hoover

Trillia Newbell

Michelle Myers

Barb Roose

Holly Gerth

Rachel Joy

Kia Stephens

Erica Renaud

Cassie Carrigan

Kara-Kae James

Heidi Wysman

Tischa van de Reep

Kelley Ramsey

Jennifer Tyler

Renee Swope

Abigail Eernisse

Oneka McClellan

Kat Armstrong

Cari Trotter

Simi John

Margaux McKenzie

Courtnaye Richard

Jessica Bearden

Jeselyn Foster

Cassandra Speer

Brenda Palmer

Cami Renee Jones

Elizabeth Woodson

Jeanette Tapley

Kathryn Maack

Mary Wiley

I am ready to learn from these women!

Check out some of our Bible Study Series and Workshops

I am ready to start these series!


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βœ“ Instant On Demand Access to 50+ sessions from amazing teachers 

βœ“ Unlimited access for less than 50 cents a day

βœ“ No Stress MembershipFREE week trial and cancel anytime

βœ“ Access to the PRIVATE Online Women's Bible Study Members ONLY Facebook Group

βœ“ Connection with 1,000+ women from all over the world

βœ“ New Bible Study series and Workshops added often


What’s Included in your Subscription?

βœ“ Instant On Demand Access to 50+ sessions from amazing teachers  
βœ“ Connection with 1,000+ women from all over the world

βœ“ Unlimited access for less than 50 cents a day

βœ“ No Stress Membership--FREE week trial and cancel anytime!

βœ“ New content added every month!

βœ“ And so much more!!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

No contracts or commitmentyou can cancel anytime. 


Plus the FREE TRIAL is automatically applied when you sign up. You have 7-days to try it out to make sure it's the right match! You have nothing to lose!

What  women are saying...

I've never felt more at home with any ministry before. An amazing statement considering its virtual.

-Cathey S

I am waiting by the computer for the new series to come out! πŸ˜†  

-Brandi M

This has been so very useful and ENJOYABLE!   I take notes in my journal on every session.   I love the new perspectives on stories we already know!!!

-Wendy C


I am so happy I signed up!!  The teachers and Becky are so engaging and I'm learning so much. I am really enjoying being part of this and growing in my faith. I have loved the lessons and I love the Bible Reading Plan!

-Sherry P


I LOVE ONLINE WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY! You have done such an AMAZING job of not only bringing top speakers with timely messages to the program, but structuring the program in a way that it feels personal and connecting - just like I was there! I love all aspects of the program and I'm excited that this is only the beginning!

-Ramona V


I feel like this is so much more than a Bible Study. It’s also so well organized and so easy to navigate online. I feel closer to God because of this. Thank you!!

-Nicole R

I want to study the Bible with them, too!

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