I am SO excited that you are interested in joining us for Advent!

We’ve never needed to fix our eyes on Jesus and celebrate Him!!! We’ve put together a really special Advent series that kicks off Nov 24 and goes through December.

Here’s a little more about Advent this year from
Becky Kiser, Founder and Host of OWBS: 


Also, here’s something you might not have realized, when you join, YOU GET A WEEK FREE

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Yep, you get to check out the current session, as well as ALL past sessions for an entire week before you are charged! There’s never been a better time to try out Online Women’s Bible Study (OWBS)!

How OWBS Members will get the most out of Advent

Weekly Women’s Bible Study with teaching, worship and prayer

Free PDF and Audio of
He Is Advent Bible Study

Support for Groups--in homes, churches, or online

Weekly Women’s Bible Study with teaching, worship and prayer

Every single week you will get to participate in Bible Study that includes connection, Bible teaching (see our teachers and theme below), worship, prayer and application!

This advent we are walking through the Christmas narrative each week, and will study: 

  • Nov 24 | He is Light in the Darkness (Intro to Advent)
  • Dec 1 | He is Coming (Study of prophecies, and Mary and Joseph)
  • Dec 8 | He is Enough (Study of Mary and Elizabeth)
  • Dec 15 | He is Without a Room (Study of the Journey to Bethlehem)
  • Dec 22 | He is Here!!! (Study of the birth of Jesus and announcement to the shepherds)

And check out your teachers for this series!!! 

(We still have one more teacher and worship leader that we will announce soon!)

Becky Kiser

Jamie Ivey

Emma Mae Jenkins

Toni Collier

Christy Nockels

Whitney Capps

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FREE PDF and Audio of He Is: Attributes of God Advent Study!

Every single member will get a FREE PDF of the He Is: Attributes of God Advent Study. This a daily Bible study that focuses on a different attribute each day--like God is sovereign, healer, faithful, etc. We’ve 

Also, for those that love audio, Becky is releasing a FREE audio version to all her More Than Ordinary with Becky Kiser, podcast subscribers. The Intro will be released in November, and then each day will be released as they come. 

However, you might just prefer to grab it printed, so it’s all bound to color and you have that beautiful cover in your hands. If so, you can always grab a copy of He Is: Attributes of God Advent Study on Amazon right now too, if you want a printed study!

Did you say FREE study? I would love to get a FREE PDF when I sign up for OWBS!

Support for Groups--whether it’s online, a small group in your home, or a larger group at your church!

Every single week we provide you with questions so that you can further process what was shared during the session. We encourage you to grab a friend, start a small group, or have your church host a group! When you do this alongside others it allows what you are learning to stick, as well as you get to learn from others! Just because we are in a season where we have to socially distance ourselves more, we do not have to live in isolation. You were created to live and grow in community, and we want to help make that super easy!

We are also putting together a space where you can easily join or host a group! Our hope is to have Advent groups in homes all over the world--we are currently in 49 states and 7 countries--and accessible online for anyone who wants to join a group! 

I know this sounds like the craziest time ever to join or host a group. I get it. But I can also tell you that I’ve done this for years now and it’s hands down one of my top 5 advent traditions now. This is what you want to spend your time doing! And since you will likely have way less holiday events and gatherings to attend this year, you will have the space naturally created to make this a new favorite tradition for you as well!

Join or host a group today!

But first, make sure you have signed up for OWBS!

Plus more...! 

If we shared all we had planned then it wouldn’t be quite as special, would it? All I can tell you is that you will love it. But more than you will love it, your heart will be filled up, your soul will be lifted, your mind will be fixed on what’s true, and your eyes will be locked on Jesus--ready to celebrate that He has come!

But first, make sure you have signed up for OWBS!